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MAX PACK: Total Metabolism Jump-Start!


Go “ALL-IN” on your weight loss with the Doctor’s must have essential daily supplements that get your body working better and jump-start your metabolism.

This is THE total package for a healthy weight and includes:

  • Lipodrops Max: New clinical strength drops that supplement fat-burning with Choline, L-Carnitine and B-12
  • LipoCleanse & Detox: All-natural and gentle botanical in a capsule for daily detox and digestive health
  • LipoBiotic Probiotic: High 40 Billion CFUs* of multi-strain probiotic with patented prebiotic delivery system
  • Lipo-Omega: Omega 3s are essential for heart health and to optimize metabolism 

FREE BONUS You also get:

  • Doctors D: 5000 iu Vitamin D3 This is the one vitamin you need every day!
PLEASE NOTE: Due to high demand please allow 2 weeks delivery 
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Try the MAX PACK for one month and find out what healthy feels like!