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People today want more control over their health, their bodies, and their weight.

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By becoming a Lipodrops Brand Affiliate you get to share with people a proven method to regulate their nutritional day, plus the clinical strength of Lipodrops Max, plus the line of functional health supplements, plus promotional materials and support, and a 20 % commission on every sale. This is a total plan for metabolic health based on research and years of helping everyday people to lose weight in our own clinics.

Empower the people you know with knowledge about how to better run their bodies and direct their metabolism towards a healthy weight.

By registering to become a LIpodrops Brand Affiliate we will create for you a link to give to others. This link goes to a uniquely coded copy of the Lipodrops website, one that will track every sale made from this coded site. For every sale from your coded site you will be earning 20 % of that sale price.

Once you sign-up we can start sending you regular information you will need to become a successful brand affiliate, and you can start distributing the link if you already have people who are interested.

You will also get a promo code for half-off your products so you can get started on your personal plan!


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