Want To Get Rid Of The Lipodropic Injections?  
Use The Easy Sub-Lingual Form  Lipodrops Max Formulated As An Oral Dietary Supplement to Lose That Muffin Top!





The Benefits Of Using The LipoDrops Max:

Who is It For and Why LipoDrop Max?



By squeezing the dropper bulb one dose (1ml) is drawn up into the dropper.  Place that amount under your tongue and hold it there for 2 minutes. Daily dosage is two droppers (2ml) per day: Try keeping them beside your toothbrush.  That can be a good reminder on when to take them, when you brush your teeth


Contains These Active Ingredients:

BEST FOR: Best for those on Intermittent fasting type diet, or following our PinPoint Plan.

About Dr. Collier


Dr. M.J. Collier has been helping people lose weight at his Atlanta clinic for years. One key part of the program has been the use of Lipotropic injections. Lipotropics are a special combination of amino acids, including choline and carnitine, which the body uses in the process of natural fat-burning.

Dr. M.J. Collier known as the ‘Hip Hop Doc’ is often heard on local and national radio as a health consultant. He appears most notably on the nationally syndicated Rickey Smiley Morning Show. As word of the doctors’ clinical program’s success with lipotropics spread, more and more people throughout the country wanted to make use of these fat-burning supplements. In order for anyone, living anywhere, to access this supplement without visiting the clinic.

After some trial formulations and testing, the first round of what has come to be called “Lipodrops” was produced. Lipodrops is the same lipotropic compound used as an injectable in the doctor’s office, but formulated as an oral dietary supplement. This is an easy sub-lingual form that can be taken at home and needs no prescription.




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