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Pure Lipodrops with African Mango !


About Lipodrops with African Mango

Dr. Collier says: "No Matter What Diet You Are On, What Gym You May Go To, or How Old You Are: To Lose Pounds and Inches You HAVE TO BURN FAT!"

Weight loss is a sign you have increased your metabolism enough to start using fat as fuel. It is burning fat that helps you lose weight & get you back into those clothes in the closet! Get started for summer! Only $39.95 


Support total fat burning with Lipodrops lipotropic supplement and BURN FAT NOW!

  • All Natural Amino Acids & African Mango
  • Contains NO Hormones & NO Caffeine
  • Essential Nutrients for Fat Metabolism
  • Easy to Take Twice a Day Drops


DIRECTIONS FOR USE, Choose the dosage that is right for you: 

IF you currently weigh LESS than 200 lbs.: Use 1 ml. (about 2 dropper-fuls) twice (2x) a day. Place liquid under your tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds (about a minute).Easiest way to do this is by keeping Lipodrops by your toothbrush and use morning & night.

IF you currently weigh MORE than 200 lbs.: Use 1 ml. (about 2 dropper-fuls) three to four times a day. Place liquid under your tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds (about a minute). You may take your Lipodrops after meals (3x a day), or if you are following the meal planner, after each of the 4 times a day that you have established for your meals & shakes.

For best results at either dosage follow the meal planner below in images.



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