Lipodrops MAX


   EVERYTHING TO GET STARTED AT HOME TODAY! Combine Lipodrops Max with our PinPoint Meal Plan for best results.

Highest Potency: Maximum strength every-day weight loss drop! Compare ingredient labels with the other weight loss drops!

Target Fat-Burning: Use this Doctor’s formula to burn more fat in real time

Maximum Strength: B12 and fat-burning Amino Acids & B Vitamins found in exclusive weight loss centers

Contains These Active Ingredients:

  • L Carnitine transports fat into cells for fuel. Used by professionals, Lipodrops Max is an everyday amino formula
  • B-12 for cellular energy production. The essential conversion factor used by every cell for energy production
  • Choline breaks down fat & is a super antioxidant. Turns up fat-burning right at the center of most belly-fat creation

BEST FOR: Best for those on Intermittent fasting type diet, or following our PinPoint Plan.

Ideal for those over 35 years old, or if you have 25 pounds or more to lose.

How to Use: By squeezing the dropper bulb one dose (1ml) is drawn up into the dropper. Place that amount under your tongue and hold it there for 2 minutes.Daily dosage is two droppers (2ml) per day: Try keeping them beside your toothbrush. That can be a good reminder on when to take them, when you brush your teeth.