November 14, 2012

Since the early days of computing a basic principle has been GIGO: Garbage In Garbage Out. Now I'm not here referencing any particular food, but the fact that each one of us, in every one of our cells has a computer-like store of information that processes and responds to the biological signals we send them. The amazing part is not that the cells (and so our body) respond, but that they know exactly how to do it. Our bodies did not have to wait for an app for our iPhone, or for P90X to be invented, before it knew what to do.

The information, or signals we communicate with are the fats, sugars and proteins we take in, along with when we do so. None of these ingredients are in themselves 'bad', but it is the message we send with them that counts. The point is that for your body to give you the response you are looking for we need not over think it, keep the message simple and your body will know what to do.

The simple message is: Balance your carbs and proteins and spread it out over your day, starting when you start your day, supplement with what is missing. Great results can be had by doing just a few things every day, not doing a million things. It is when we do what WE want to do and hoping the result comes out the way we want, without considering just the basics of how the body works, that we feel the need to bring in the heavy machinery, computer programs and boxed foods.

Start simply, be consistent, get results.