Celebrate Change

September 21, 2012

There is a saying, "If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you got." So don't worry, it will not be the Christmas Dinner or the New Year's party that creates your weight issue; it's the few things we end up doing every day. "I stop at drive thru for breakfast every day", "I have one 32 oz. drink a day", we will usually not have to look too close to find the few troublemakers.

The great news is that it works both ways. The few things a day we can do right can make all the difference in giving us the positive results we may be seeking. "I have 1/3 of my day's protein a half hour after I get up with a whey protein shake", "I make sure I always have my bag of trail mix around so I can snack between meals". Being consistent with the nutritional message: WHAT and WHEN we eat, is how to get the consistent month-to-month weight loss results.

The reality though is that making the changes is really hard. I have offered you two maps of change that may help you both clarify which actions can have the greatest impact, and also where on the emotional roller-coaster of change you may be at, giving you a birds-eye view of the process. So just to be clear- the emotional and habitual triggers and responses can be deeply imbedded in our daily behaviors, but they are able to be changed in our favor, if we take the few necessary steps, day by day.

For our part we hope to give you the clearest, and most practical advice on progressing through your weight loss, information that can really be put to use right away. There are many things any one person can do to help lose weight, what we want you to know are which ones will make the biggest difference in advancing you to your goals.

Here's to great changes and your personal success in the coming year!