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July 30, 2012

For those who may have not seen results in a couple of weeks: It does take time for the body to change and begin working differently. We speak to many clients who are exercising and "eating healthy". But what type of exercise, how long one has been at a certain routine, how much you are challenging the body, all these factors come into play.

Eating healthy does NOT equal eating to lose weight. If anyone is having difficulty we invite them to submit via email or fax (770.943.8626) their Nutritional Timeline worksheet so we can go over it with you. WE WANT YOU TO GET GREAT RESULTS. But weight loss is not a simple undertaking, there are many moving parts. When are you eating in relation to your exercise, and what are you having? What is your starting weight/BMI and what is your goal? Let us help you figure out what YOUR body is looking for to OK the weight loss. It can be done, let us help.