Why the Amino Acids in Lipodrops are so Special

July 17, 2012

Although you may have heard of amino acids, you may not be sure exactly what they are, or why we think it is so important to take the Lipodrops amino acid supplement. Let me explain.

The amino acids in Lipodrops help the body in the different steps it takes to use fat as an energy source for the body. The Carnitine, for example, helps move the fat that has been released from the fat storage cells, and move it into the other cells in our body so it can be used as fuel. So having the amino acids that help with every stage of the fat-burning process is important if you really want to lose weight.

Now here's the special part: Amino acids are not stored in the body for when you need them. They must constantly be obtained from our diets, and about the time they are needed. Since the poor quality of our diet, and equally as important, at what times during the day we eat (many people we work with really eat about twice a day, with their main meal at dinner, at the end of their day) is what has contributed to our weight issue, you can see how diet and timing play into this amino acid issue as well.

The other thing about these amino acids is something called the ALL-OR-NONE Rule, let me give you an example. If a part of fat metabolism uses 3 amino acids, and you have 90% of one, 90% of another, but just 30% of the third- the process that uses all three will only work at the 30% level. Since they are all needed for the job, your body can only work up to what it has in the least amount. A recent large study of women over 50 showed that 98% of them were seriously low in Choline, just one of the amino acids in Lipodrops.

So from these couple of facts about amino acids you can start to see why without eating right, not at the right times, and without the full array of needed amino acids, you body will not have the ingredients it needs for real weight loss. You may lose a few pounds, but without them it would be very difficult, if not impossible to reach your full weight loss goals!