Have a Plan

May 28, 2012

For many of us there are key components we need to first put in place to begin our weight loss process. One is having a full supply of what the body uses for fat burning, that is what Lipodrops is for. Another is the food we eat; how much we are relying on carbs, how much junk food, how much protein, that sort of thing. A third issue for many is TIME. We are so preoccupied with what we have to do during the day that we have trained ourselves to ignore the inner signals and, for the vast majority of people we help, eat only twice a day. We grab something during the day, roll down the car window and call it lunch. Then when we get home and the world stops bothering us we hear that inner voice say, "FEED ME"; and have a big dinner (because we are 'starving') and snack until bedtime.

An essential part of the Lipodrops Plan is exactly that, having a plan. Our meal planner streamlines your nutritional day so you get what your body needs to run better, and at a higher energy level (metabolism). The key way of accomplishing this is by structuring the timing of your energy intake (meals and snacks) along with the balance of carbs and proteins.

Weight loss is not easy, but by including as much of what the body needs to do this: the right balance of foods, structured timing, and supplementation for enhanced fat metabolism, the closer you will be to success. Use our tools to develop your personal plan, and then follow it to drop the pounds!