42% Obese by 2030

May 08, 2012

Wow! Did you catch that headline this morning? It seems despite all the ads for weight and diet programs, low fat meals in the freezer, and even Dr. Oz, the population keeps getting bigger (around the waist). There are even more corporate, or on-the-job wellness programs where people spend much of their day, and still the numbers go up. Why?

The sway of fast food and restaurants ( $5 pizza w. toppings) certainly works against us. But for the most part, people we help are not eating out ALL THE TIME. And, in fact, there is slightly more choices when we do go out. So what gives?

It is our experience that 1) the biology of the body works against weight loss, 2) if those biological criteria set by the body are not met, the weight loss process can be slow, or limited in its effect (lose a little weight, then it stops). We help you set up a plan based on YOUR biological energy needs to work WITH your body in weight loss, not against it. And out of the several factors that figure into weight loss, if you do not have them ALL pulling in the same direction, your results will be limited.