What We Want

May 07, 2012

I think most people want an answer to weight loss. What works and what does not.

And after thousands of weight loss consultations we come back to the dreaded LIFESTYLE. What that means to us at Lipodrops is examining each stage of each individual's energy cycle. Once we start examining that we can clearly see where things are off, and what needs adjusting. By focusing on only ONE aspect of this cycle (Only diet plan, only nutritional supplements, only exercise) we can try and try but will NOT get the results we want.

A holistic picture of your energy cycle and how to organize it for the best results in YOUR life is what we are after. Take a minute to go to the "How To..." page and open the PERSONAL ENERGY PROFILE. Just by doing this you will start to see some tremendous insights into what your body is missing, and if added, what it will take for true, long-term, weight loss.

Let's take a look!