Where To Start?

May 06, 2012

Hello and welcome! Lipodrops is here as part of an overall plan that can help you lose weight and increase your energy- because that is the only way to really do it! There are many ways to poke your body into shedding some pounds, but is it a long term strategy that is sustainable?

At Lipodrops we want to check-off every step in the processes of eating food as it gets used as energy in your body. If there is a weight issue, then there is one or more steps in this energy cycle that are not working right, and we want to find out what they are!

You really cannot lose weight by depriving your body, we have found through years of experience, that you must supply the body with everything it needs to make this energy cycle complete. Take a minute to complete your Energy Profile on the "How To Use Lipodrops" page, and lets get started!